Born in 1973 in Lebanon. Artist and designer, Shawki Youssef’s work has used many expression mediums, from text writing (“Entretemps gallery “, 1994, “Rabita sakafia Tripoli”, 2000) to video writing (“Untitled with Jacques Derrida”, 2005 and “More than 1 turn around myself ”, 2003) to performances ( “I, too exhibited there, to sursock with love”,2000) and installations ( “Iconography / still images” in 2005 and ”About the other ” in 1997 at Espace SD) to drawings and paintings.

He works with word and image since early nineties. He questions the sociopolitical sphere of Lebanon today. His work is shown in different galleries in Lebanon and abroad.                                             


Fine arts diploma; masters in intercultural mediation

Mixed media on canvas, 110x160cm, 2019

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