Ghina Sibaii is a Lebanese visual artist who holds a BA in Interior design from the Lebanese American University in 2000.

Ghina worked on many projects in Lebanon and abroad. She works with various materials and mediums, though her main work is in Art direction and design her passion for art and photography never stopped. In 2013 she renewed her passion for photography and started to take photographs of old ruined houses in Lebanon. In 2013 she exhibited with the artist Mohamad Khayata exhibition entitled "Bits and Pieces" and created an installation art in Beirut Art Fair entitled “Drop of Art” .Her first solo exhibition was in 2017 at 392rmeil393 entitled “The Memory of a Wall” (painting and photography), in 2017 in a collective entitled “three and a half” and lately in 2019 a collective entitled “seven spices” both in photography and art medium.

البيت الي رباني ما بينساني - mixed media on canvas - 180x120cm
خير الكالم ما قل ودل - mixed media on canvas - 150x93cm

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