Born in Beirut in 1975, Kupelian is a self-taught painter who grew up surrounded by a family of artists and musicians. Kupelian did his first oil painting at the age of 7. He lived his childhood in Beirut during the civil war, where he used to spend hours drawing and painting his surroundings. He made many comic strips depicting his family, his friends and the war. He also developed his drawing and painting skills by trying to reproduce masterpieces by John Constable, Diego Rivera and a number of Lebanese painters he admired.
As he grew up, Kupelian continued to express his “up and down moments” through his art that he used as a therapeutic way to express his feelings and emotions. Most of his works result from, and reflect on major events in his life. His work is available at Galerie Janine Rubeiz, where his last exhibition “Looking at the Bright Side” took place in 2016.

Buildings 5, 20145, Acrylic and chinese ink on paper, 94x80cm
Buildings 4, 20145, Acrylic and chinese ink on paper, 94x80cm

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