Negin Fallah was raised in Tehran, Iran. Since 2006 she started her artistic career and almost after a decade of travel and exploration, she developed her style in Persian miniature and manuscript illumination (Tazhib) to reflect the aspirations of the present-day society by incorporating contemporary elements while remaining connected with traditional art heritage.

In parallel, her academic educations in the fields of graphic design (AA) at Hafez University, Tehran and interior design (BA) at Lebanese International University, Lebanon have enriched her visual and conceptual expression substantially.

Her painting’s aesthetics present a constant dialogue between chaos and harmony, presence and absence, creation and destruction. They are depictions of figurative forms, scripts and symbols, which entail the transformation of scenes into metaphorical images that are deeply touched by her personal stories, the culture and politics of her homeland of Iran, philanthropic ideas, environmental and ecological phenomenon. Space and perspective in Negin’s paintings reminiscent of Persian miniature paintings, while sensibility of figures come from her relationship with Western classical paintings.

Her selected exhibitions include Mehregan, Bonn – Germany, Mehregan, London – UK, Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow – Russia, Saba Cultural House, Tehran – Iran, Finishing Touch Gallery, Dubai – UAE, The French Institute, Beirut – Lebanon, HUB Kuwait – Kuwait, Iwan Maktabi, Beirut - Lebanon, 392RMEIL393, Beirut – Lebanon.

Tone of silence - 2019 Resin, gold leaf & gouache - 13 x 9 cm
Tears of tone - 2019 Resin, gold leaf & gouache - 13 x 9 cm

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