Mutasim AlKubaisy VISUAL ARTIST Biography Kubaisy luxuriously intends to import what one can call the (sophistication) of deliberate and insolent terror and intimidation, by which he endeavors to magnify shapes and features of his characters, besides the (caricature) over exaggeration and diligence in presenting this manner of sarcastic consciousness and exposed arrogance of their behaviors and practices. In the fact, they are merely cartoon characters with puffed bellies and swollen jugular veins, wearing hats and coats that conceal their physical deformities, bearing grudge and evil schemes and behaving malignantly, in an ingenious periphrasis subjected to a total consciousness that is parallel to the value of that overt and covert effect of all the intentions Kubaisy has already adopted in his cultural. For more than two decades of experience, Al-Kubaisy excelled in highlighting the serious changes that took place in Iraq after 2003 through his brilliance, skills and vast experience, and freed himself from the traditional forms and blind imitation of common sculpture experiences. Without sacrificing his skills, tools and techniques, in his relentless quest to stand up to the tyranny of murder machines and the diversity of death and the degeneration of the spirit of his generals equipped with intimidation and murder. Al Kubaisy was born in Iraq, where he graduated in 1992 from the Fine Art Academy of the University of Baghdad. His equestrian works have appeared in private collections across the UAE and have been exhibited widely in Baghdad, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Paris.

As a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association, he gained the first Young Artists Award in Baghdad in 2005. His first solo exhibition was in Paris M-Gallery in 2004, with the second following at Dubai’s XVA-Gallery in 2008. His third solo exhibition was held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in 2009. Among his key achievements are the gold-plated ceramic mural memorializing the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Al Ain Museum; Al Hosn Roundabout in Umm Al-Quwain, and many horse statutes of different sizes for Shadwell Arabian Horses Farm, as well as the many horse statutes of his creation housed in private farms across the Emirate of Dubai.

Gewjah (edition E2/8) - 201 - Bronze 15 x 25 x 25 cm
Hessa (edition 4/8) - 2017 Bronze 20 x 18 x 57 cm
Horse (edition 2/8) - 2019 Bronze. 43 x 40 x 13 cm

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