Mark Ghsoub is a Lebanese artist. Ghsoub’s work is deeply connected to his own personal experience of diverse cultures around the globe that probe both personal and social experiences by integrating space through light and shadow.

In 2009, he received a BA in Cinematography from the Holy Spirit University, Lebanon. Ghsoub as a cinematographer has begun his journey capturing scenes from everyday life to exceptional momentum while visiting people with different stories and unlike backgrounds. Prior to that Ghsoub started his professional practice stenciling in which he converts his photographs to hand cut intricate layers of papers to create an image.

His photographs and stencils have been put on a display in Mumbai – India, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Kuwait, Dubai – UAE, Tehran – Iran, New York – USA, Beirut – Lebanon.

Found it - 2017 - Stencil on wood panel - 40x20cm
Serene - 2019 - Stencil on wood panel - 40x50cm
Selene - 2019 - Stencil on wood panel - 41x20cm

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