Born in 1962 in Lebanon, Gaby Maamary’s immense academic and professional experience of over 30 years crafted his status as an art historian, art critic, visual artist, conservator of cultural heritage and an expert in the technology of art and pigment extraction. His professional experience stands on three main axes: Higher Education, Conservation and Art. In 1990, Gaby Maamary started an intensive academic teaching career in art, the history of art, of architecture and of furniture in USEK, the Lebanese University, NDU, LAU, and Saint-Paul. Presently, he is a staff member at ALBA, in the University of Balamand. Since 1995 he participated in numerous colloquiums in museums, academic and scientific institutions in Lebanon, Germany, Cyprus, England, France, Egypt, Jordan, and Japan.

Untitled Acrylic on paper 90x64 2

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